Saturday, September 10, 2005


We arrived in Guangzhou and we’re back at the Garden Hotel. Tonight the three of us did a routine the Marx Brothers would have been proud of. After Michayla’s 10:30pm feeding, Nicki was burping a mostly asleep Michayla. A simultaneous burp and fart emanated from our little empress. We took off her diaper to discover a picture perfect pile of green poo. (We hope you’re not eating while reading this). Just as Nicki was cleaning up the poo, Michayla did her famed Moby Dick impression and let loose a huge stream of pee. We quickly plugged the hole, so to speak, with a diaper. We tentatively pulled the diaper away and breathed a sigh of relief to discover that the well had gone dry. (Sorry to mix our metaphors). But no sooner had we high-fived ourselves when Michayla morphed into a Play-Dough factory and out came more poo. (We really hope you’re not eating). We laughed and laughed and laughed. We finally got her cleaned up and got a new diaper on her. But being the comic genius that she is, Michayla put the button on the scene with perfectly executed burp. That’s daddy’s little girl.

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