Sunday, September 04, 2005


We’re finally $9000.00 lighter! After a dim sum brunch and our first official group meeting with Norman and the China Team, we handed over the final bit of our money. Everyone was breathing a collective sigh of relief.

To celebrate we went out with our new found-friends Sharon, Lawrence, and the legendary Mr. Chin to get massages. Lawrence and Mr. Chin got full body massages and we got foot massages. The foot massages, however, start with basically a full body massage. It was heavenly.

We’re now doing some last minute packing in preparation of the 7:00pm luggage pickup. Then it’s off to have dinner and savor the last evening as a child-free couple. Tomorrow morning we’ll rise and shine, eat breakfast, and meet in the lobby at 9:30. Then it’s off to the airport for our flight to Changsha. We’ll check in to the hotel, shower, change, and then at 5:30pm we’ll finally meet Michayla.

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