Wednesday, September 07, 2005


We woke up today to discover all of the warranties on the good-as-gold-adopted-daughters ran out over night. There was lots of crying today throughout the hotel and all of them seem to be part of the Snot Dynasty.

Our little Empress, however, still remains as good as gold. She may be part of the Snot Dynasty but she’s eating like a college freshman girl and so far her crying is linked to wet diapers and the bottle. (Sort of like her dad).

This morning we went to the largest museum in Changsha in the morning (Michayla fell asleep), then went shopping at the Hypermarket, a sort of Wal-Mart meets odd Chinese food store. Our big purchase was a new suitcase for $10.00. That’s right. $10.00.

This afternoon Michayla made some huge leaps forward. First off, she chugged a bottle of formula that would make most fraternity boys jealous. We’re thinking of getting her one of those hats that holds two beer cans and a straw and putting formula in instead.

She also sat up for the first time all by herself (okay she had to use her hands to support her but it was a huge step). And she almost crawled forward to get the plastic monkeys. (Never in my life did I think I would write a sentence like that nor did I think I would be so happy to write it).

And she’s quite the little talker (takes after her mom). She babbles on and on. (Just like her mother).

We went for a walk, Michayla firmly in her Baby Bjorn, and it was as if we were from Mars. People stopped and stared. Most women smiled and wanted to know more about Michayla. Most men scowled. We felt like part rock stars, part town lepers.

And tonight she had her first bath. We were prepared for loud struggle but she loved it. Go figure.

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terrySCR said...

I've got one of those hats holding two beer cans with a straw coming out from my Raider Nation days. You're welcome to have it.