Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Tuesday, August 16. An equally thrilling day for us, because in the mail we finally received the Development Update Report from the orphanage, giving us a bit more information about our little girl.

On May 26, 2005, Placement personnel at the Chenzhou City Child Welfare Institute wrote the following about Michayla (as translated by Sherry at USAA):

“CHEN, Chenxi, female, was abandoned at the gate of Beihu Park on January 24, 2005. Police officer received a call from a person and went to pick her up. She wore yellow suit and wrapped in orange coat without birth note. She was placed in our institute on that day because we couldn’t find her parents and relatives.

At the time of placement, her face, heart, lung and limb are normal: height 48cm, weight 3.7kg, head size 35cm, chest size 32cm, feet 7cm; the physician estimated her birthday based on her physical development to be January 17, 2005, and named her Chen, Chenxi. “Chen” is the first word of “Chenzhou City,” “Chenxi” means happy morning sun.

After placed in, she was well cared for by the caretakers and grandmas of “Half the Sky.” She has a regulated daily routine.

One month old – likes watching the light; seldom cries, except wet or hungry. (Just like her dad)

Two months old – can visually follow moving objects; can locate sounds by turning her head; loves us touching her face, holding her hands and talking to her.

Three months old – likes watching toys hanging on the bed; knows her name.

She is almost 4 months old now, has thick black hair; likes holding her hands; when sitting on a chair, she loves to kick her feet to move the chair; if you touch her face, she will smile to you; when close to her, she will wave her hands for a hug. She has a good appetizer and sleeps very well, she is a healthy, outgoing and active baby.

We added Vitamins to her food. Her immunization is updated.”

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