Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Once again -- being Mark and Nicki -- we went back to the Internet to do some research, and discovered the following information about the Half the Sky Foundation (, the not-for-profit charitable corporation that was created by American adoptive parents Jenny and Richard Bowen.

Half the Sky Foundation -- named for the Chinese adage, "Women hold up half the sky" – was established in 1998 to provide individual attention, love and nurturing for the many children in China who languish waiting for families -- or those who will never be adopted. All of the Half the Sky centers have been built by volunteers, and almost all of these centers have been funded by adoptive families and friends through individual donations. HTS’s purpose is to establish early childhood education, personalized learning and infant nurture programs in Chinese welfare institutions to provide the children stimulation, individual attention, and an active learning environment.

HTS designed its Baby Sisters Infant Nurture Program to provide the foundation for healthy development. Each HTS "Nanny" is assigned 3-5 babies. Her role is to provide responsive care to her infants, interact with them, talk to them, engage actively in their feeding, touch them and show physical affection, facilitating bonding and attachment. They watch over and guide the babies as they play and safely explore their world. (We’re going to see if we can adopt one of the nannies as well).

The infant center is also painted in soft complimentary colors. The floors are carpeted. Half the room is padded with gymnastics mats; half is furnished with rocking chairs. There are mirrors, pull-up bars, textured pathways and developmental toys everywhere.

The Chenzhou Child Welfare Institute was built in 2002. You can take a look at:

We are thrilled to know that our little Michayla has been engaged, nurtured and – most importantly -- loved the first seven months of her life. Now we’re ready for our turn!!

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